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WRITE-IN Hyrum Cox for Sheriff

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Principled Leadership - Constitutional Guardian

Hyrum Cox

Hyrum Cox is an award-winning SWAT team sniper, former business administrator, and current Special Investigator for the Utah County Attorney's Office. Throughout his 16-year law enforcement career, Cox has been a passionate advocate for programs and policies that are fiscally responsible, community oriented, constitutionally sound, promote transparency, and protect the most vulnerable among us.

Hyrum's Priorities

Constitutional Guardian
The institution of the elected American sheriff dates back to 1652. Our early founders recognized the importance of an elected public safety servant. I commit to always protect and defend your rights. I deeply believe these rights were divinely inspired to be a shield and any infringement compromises our freedom.

Fiscal Responsibility
Taxes, inflation, and government expansion are devastating family finances. The sheriffs office budget has increased more than 47.2% over the last 4 years. Services, front line staffing, community supervision and support efforts have remained stagnant and our jail population has dropped nearly 50%. I will implement fiscal transparency, making line item expenditures readily available online. I will be accountable to you for all spending.

Community Oriented
Elected officials must have professional and cooperative relationships with our community partners and representatives. I have a proven record of collaboration and innovative program development and efficient solutions to challenges. I will implement supervisory and statistical tracking changes to encourage and support positive community interactions from our deputies.

Special Victims
Internet crimes against children, sex trafficking, prostitution and child pornography must be a priority for law-enforcement. Currently there are zero (possibly 1) full time personnel assigned to proactive enforcement of these horrific crimes. Our SVU investigators deserve more resources and support. There are a dozen full time personnel assigned to proactive drug, alcohol, and traffic enforcement. Our children deserve to be a priority! I would reallocate resources on day one, expanding SVU to protect our most vulnerable.

Humane treatment of our Shelter Animals

 Utah County shelter animals suffer excruciating deaths in barbaric gas chambers! Wide ranging social and political support has placed legislation in the state senate to ban this practice, yet Sheriff Mike Smith has opposed and killed this legislation for humane  euthanasia. We can do better as a county and as people for these poor animals. Efforts to fundraise and even compromise have been met with dismissal and contempt. These animals do not have a voice nor do they get a choice, but we do! 

It’s time to say goodbye to the good ol’ boys and elect someone who will respect all life!
Write-in Hyrum Cox for Utah County Sheriff, the right choice for our rights!



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